It Ends in Suits (How Law Firms Buy the Best Students) “No additional promotions,” he tells me at the pub, laughing at pain,”No fresh spouses. The company was hoping to fire folks, make them go. I had been blessed to keep my job. The spouse, the children. You can not predict how things will turn out”

Four years following event in Sydney, I look around and I’m unhappy. I’m defeated. Friends who’ve slaughtered themselves in law companies, who view them as only amounts from the balance sheet. Law schools that turn a blind eye on the corporate propaganda that they disperse.
Why is it that folks enjoy Ben keep telling folks like me to enter law?

All with one purpose in mind: creating junior partner. He got really close also. The whole dream came crashing down like a pair of tumbling stock rates.
It is 2016 and I am in a media event run by a few of the significant law firms in Sydney, Australia. I ask me if I would enjoy the salmon tartar. It is an official occasion, so I’m dressed in my only match. At precisely the exact same time, I’m desperate to seem as casual as you can. Around me, companies are circling round the area, asking questions about each and every one of us. They inform us that there are no wrong or right answers. They’re lying.

Since nobody wants to be the very first person about the Titanic to shout that there is an iceberg ahead. It is better to await the boat to sink. Even better if more people get on board until it does this. This way, you will find people even stupider than you, folks that left the exact same error as you did, however once you did, if it was obviously a mistake. When he informs me that legislation is a fantastic profession, Ben is not saying I must be a lawyer. He’s saying he needs me to get about the sinking boat. Ben is desperate to not drown alone.

That’s exactly what”living the dream” did .

The law firm nonetheless, is ready. The occupation itself is styled as hard, exciting, cutting edge and purposeful. From the glossy brochures we the potential workers — are known as rockstars. Repeatedly.
The way the organization’s dream can so readily be viewed as your fantasy and how in the end of the dream, you can detect how little of substance was there to start with, is frightening to me. What’s introduced as a standard, regular par for the class in college, appears to me to conceal an insidiousness, a poisonous undercurrent.
Lots of individuals have this odd belief that peer pressure ends in age eighteen. Following a couple of years of ingesting a lot and partying too difficult, there is a perception that everybody snaps back into their unique lives, entirely autonomous and free of any outside influence. That can be a false belief. He felt like he needed to prove himself to the entire world. The strangest thing about him was how small he’d learnt from the entire experience.

When attorneys and law students are surveyed, nearly 1 in 3 show that they’ve suffered depression in the previous year. That is four times greater than the overall population. At precisely the exact same time, attorneys are the fourth greatest profession in regards to suicide. I’ve documented elsewhere that the crippling effects the long hours, strain and workforce has on different attorneys in companies, but there’s something bigger at stake here. When employers present legislation as a glamorous career with work-life equilibrium, seducing young graduates to change career paths irrespective of the health dangers involved, in case those very same companies be held accountable for lifestyles they change?

Back in Sydney, the senior partners have had a bit too much to drink. Shortly, the fact starts freaking out. I tell him he grins, creating a mental note for the wall at the backroom. I am creating an impression. I simply don’t understand what belief that’s.

When she studied year pupils, she could not locate one pupil who desired to become a consultant. Barely any understood what the term meant. However, dutifully, a complete quarter proceeded to select the job . It’s all very easy, she says. Top pupils become headhunted from the huge companies with customized emails. The companies know which societies and clubs that the pupil has united and so that they look friendly and curious in the student’s individual life. Do not worry about your potential, the companies say, because choices exist. Obviously, there’s simply 1 choice available to you. Working for a significant company .

However, I try to have a expectation. My generation may have the ability to climb above the seduction, to consider ourselves to craft a fresh route. That’s my fantasy.
How much liability can be set on a shiny brochure, a ship cruise or cocktail nighttime? What about pupils who desired to go for a career in public service, prior to being seduced to the sphere of high-dollar customers and canapé lunches?
Here is the short and long of it. The significant companies are there to seduce you, whether you need to combine or not.


In Oxford, the company provided beer and hamburgers, at no cost. The weather was colder, the apparel was casual but it was basically the exact same occasion, only in a totally different country. The attendees were the elite of student culture, the top 1 percent, if you may. Intelligence is no obstacle for this type of seduction.
There’ll be fifty of those corporate sponsored events at the first period of law school . They vary from media events and cocktail evenings to project demonstrations, public discussions and ship cruises. They all will be financed with a significant law, consulting or accounting firm. They all will probably be geared towards precisely the exact same purpose — becoming the smartest people on the planet to change their heads. Making students recognize that their entire life’s assignment (for charity, such as justice, as well as to get a balanced working lifetime ) was lost, and that really, they all really have to do is earn money.
At a backroom there is a wall using our headshots stuck onto it. As the night wears , senior spouses will take turns composing notes under each photograph. Great eye contact. Strong cultural match. The top candidates will be invited back to meeting with the company at the close of the month. A year from today, the lucky few will begin working in this room. An area having a million-dollar view. To put it differently, every bankrupt law student’s fantasy.

Ben is separated from his spouse, he is estranged from his children and he is a recovering alcoholic. When I inquire about being a lawyer, he laughs and orders another beer.
“I only got back from New York,” he informs me conspiratorially,”You would not believe what I saw around.”
“Let me inform you about being a lawyer,” he says, moving to do precisely that.

The partner, Ben, we will call him, obtained an offer from a leading New York law firm after graduating from Sydney Law. He admitted immediately, starting a career trajectory with unforeseen outcomes. “In New York, everybody’s on a thing,” he states,”You want it, for many years. In the beginning, I tried to not give in, however you want it, you truly do. Ritalin, coke, it is all there and it is so easily accessible. Then there is the night life. You would observe senior partners in parties with a girl under each arm… their spouse and children awaiting them in your home.
I recall Ben these years later due to how unhappy he looked, sitting in the pub. He had been thirty-five however he seemed closer to fifty. He clutched his beer in 1 hand like his life depended upon it. And he had that sad, pathetic jealousy in his eyes which elderly people get when they have made the wrong decisions in their lifetime. He was distressed to become among the young graduates in the room, to be one of people, in the audience, with all life’s chances ahead. He wanted another go round the wagon, a opportunity to do things otherwise.

“But do not let me discourage you,” he explained to me in the close of the night,”Legislation is a good profession. You ought to try it”


Looking around, I will see the champagne bubbling out and the canapés working on empty. I think to myself about that notion from economics — which there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. The drinks here aren’t really free. Neither will be the canapés. The law firms aren’t giving us food. They are here in order to trade. We provide them the very best years of their lives and in return they provide us canapés and a couple of nights out. Who has got the free lunch at that offer?


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